Born from the frustration of the lack of quality and fast acting flash modifiers on the market, MagMod has taken the photography world by storm by showing everyone there is a better way to produce killer photos with ease and simplicity.

Here at MagMod we believe photographers can be their best and produce their best work when they're not worried about making sure their gear cooperates and will hold up under pressure. So we created the easiest, fastest, strongest, and simplest flash modifier system on the market. And stand up under pressure is just what MagMod does.

Our team strives to deliver on our promises of a great product, even better customer service, and satisfaction that the possibilities are endless when you have MagMod in your toolkit.

We're passionate about making photography easier and simpler, and believe our product and the results speak for themselves, and we're looking for awesome people to join our team who are committed to our vision and are willing to work hard for it.

  • Competitive Pay

  • Family Oriented Environment

  • PTO, STO and Paid Holidays

  • Paid Health Benefits

  • 401k Matching

  • Progressive Reduced Workweek (every 3rd Friday off)



  • Trevor Dayley

    MagMod Genius

    “ MagMod is an amazing place to work. What I love most is that self-improvement (or upleveling as they like to say) is a big focus. There’s no way you can work for MagMod and not become a better person because of it. ”

  • Aaron Tremblay

    Video Production Manager

    “ I explain MagMod like this: Startup culture with the perks of big business, the feeling of being part of something big, all while being treated like family! Seriously, you HAVE to work here! ”