MagMod Customer Success Hero

MagMod is seeking a Customer Success Hero to join our team! As the team member on the front line addressing customer requests, this person will have the opportunity to have your hand in strengthening the brand perception and making customers happy every day. Their work will boost MagMod forward and the impact of it will be seen in the larger photography community. If you are excited by the idea of supporting a company with a rabid fan base, your skills in customer support, sales, and social media will be a photographer’s dream come true!

The Customer Success Hero is someone who loves interacting with others, finding solutions to their problems, and genuinely thrives off of making peoples’ day. While an understanding of photography would go a long way in helping to answer questions about our product, a desire to be meticulous and thorough in your work is more important. Our ideal Customer Success Hero brings a winning attitude and strives for excellence in all of their work, even the non-visible side of supporting customers’ needs.

The Customer Success Hero is a great communicator, able to articulate ideas and concepts with ease in both verbal and written formats. They must also be tech-savvy and adjust quickly to complex systems. They are positive, upbeat, and always have a smile while representing the company even though it’s through computer systems and a friendly email or text. Finally, they are passionate about personal growth and intrigued by the idea of growing with MagMod in the years to come.

Who We Are

MagMod is a globally recognized brand and industry leader, launching innovative products through our tremendously successful crowdfunding campaigns. MagMod was honored by Inc. Magazine in 2018, 2019 and 2020 as one of the fastest growing private companies in Arizona and Tucson, and we’re not stopping there. With our award-winning products, the best has yet to come.

MagMod is proudly rooted in Tucson, and is currently well equipped to run successfully in a remote work environment. As a team member, you are provided with a fun, flexible, and comfortable work opportunity with laid back coworkers in a respectful and professional work environment. MagMod has a family feel and is a creative environment where your opinion matters and voice is heard. We value our team members’ happiness and want to provide them with a place to grow and thrive.

MagMod’s culture thrives on a shared set of values that we hold near and dear to each of us. This is more than just fitting in—these are values we naturally live out daily, without needing to think about them. MagMod wants all team members to thrive and we genuinely want team members who belong to our family, that share in our wins and works as a truly united team.

If you yearn for a work family that has high integrity, lives by the “golden rule” and is genuinely wholesome to their core, then MagMod needs your example!

If you long for an environment where all are encouraged to speak their mind (even to your boss), yet where humility and open-mindedness are equally as important, MagMod needs your candor!

If you thrive on working with team players who don’t have an agenda or ego (or office politics), and who are encouraging and cheerleaders to all, then MagMod needs your energy!

If you crave to work with a team that is kind, courteous, loves to have fun, has a great sense of humor, and doesn’t take things too seriously, then we need your enthusiasm!

If your dream job pushes you to achieve your best work and helps you become more excellent in your craft while instilling discipline and dedication in all things, then MagMod is your dream workplace.

What Successful Performance Looks Like:

  • Executing the Customer Success Process, maintaining the following quality metrics:
    • Average Customer Satisfaction Score = greater than 90%
    • Average First Response time = less than 3 hours
    • Average Replies to resolution = 2 or less
    • Number of Product Reviews = greater than 10
    • Number of Customer Service feedback surveys completed = greater than 100/month
  • Executing the Warranty & Product Replacement process
  • Execute the Sales Administration process proactively
    • Review, approve and release orders for processing any adhere to required processing procedures
    • Thoroughly document all customer interactions, communications and requests in the sales CRM system, once implemented
    • Liaise with the Logistics Department to ensure timely deliveries and address any logistical issues that may arise with our customers
  • Advocating for the customer by reporting support trends, improvement suggestions and other customer data
  • Develop & Maintain weekly sales reports
  • Frequently recognizing customers above and beyond normal support efforts through appreciation efforts

Specific Job Duties

  • Respond to assigned customer support tickets, including email, social media, chat, phone, etc, in a timely manner through the use of an online customer support platform
  • Maintaining customer information in the online customer support platform or CRM
  • Assist in assigning tickets to team members best suited to respond to specific technical customer tickets
  • Ensure that incoming sales orders are processed quickly and properly so that sales staff can focus on sales
  • Provide excellent customer support to ensure customer satisfaction
  • Use judgement in choosing the appropriate solution to remedy customer issues
  • Use customer segmentation to recognize top customers for the month and reward accordingly
  • Coordinate the release of order information with shipping and logistics staff to ensure timely dispatch of orders
  • Send letters and gifts to customers to show appreciation and thanks for their business and continued loyalty
  • Manage the NPS process by segmenting customers for the NPS survey, collecting NPS results, and categorizing customer comments
  • Report on customer support issue trends
  • Assist sales managers in monthly promotional planning
  • Keep a pulse on customer complaints and feedback and suggest improvements for a better customer experience increase customer retention
  • Identify and drive the creation of customer support articles, FAQs, and response macros
  • Maintain and update customer support processes and aid in the training of additional team members on the current processes
  • Maintain detailed knowledge of product line, keeping up with all changes and new products

Candidate Requirements

  • 3 or more years experience in a similar role
  • Experience in online customer & sales support for consumer goods company
  • Friendly, clear, and concise communicator

Preferred Candidate Skills

  • 5 or more years experience in similar role
  • Experience in an E-Commerce company, specifically with consumer goods
  • Experience with ERP systems
  • Experience processing returns, issuing RMAs
  • Strong knowledge of photography, specifically off-camera lighting
  • Comfortable in Mac environment
  • Comfortable with G-Suite

Position Type: Full Time
Compensation Range: $23-25/hour

Benefits: MagMod offers generous PTO and STO as we prioritize team member and team health. Every full time team member is offered paid time off and sick time off, and we encourage them to use it. MagMod offers premium health insurance covered and 100% of the premium is covered for team members. MagMod also observes a generous reduced work-week schedule where we close the offices every 3rd Friday to give the team extra time off. MagMod also is proud to offer 401k plans and a generous matching contribution benefit.